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“I feel happiest and the most inspired when I’m surrounded by the things that I love. Right now I’m surrounded by thousands of pieces of lego and a sofa which has been turned into a den…apparently.”

We at TPS are in awe of the interiors blog; My Scandinavian Home. It’s a constant supply of inspirational spaces, a kind of style that appears achievable, I instantly want to recreate every room they showcase. Not to mention their Pinterest is an extensive  archive, the ideal tool for redecorating!

Can you tell us a little about yourself Niki?

I work in a creative team for a big company by day and I write an interior design blog by night. I have a daily design blog called My Scandinavian Home ( showing Scandinavian style homes often with a vintage or bohemian touch.  I write my blog from home here in Southern Sweden where I moved to be with my Swedish husband 8 years ago (wow – just realized what a long time it’s been!). 

Your workspace is beautiful. Where did you find the inspiration for the interior design of it? Or was this just something that happened naturally? 

Thank you! I have a thing for light, airy spaces so I knew I wanted everything to be fairly white and minimalistic. The pieces have been collected over the years and the space is forever changing. 

Are there any new decorations or other pieces you plan to add to help stimulate your creative flow?

I have been meaning to create an interior mood board on the wall. The only problem is I love so many spaces that I probably wouldn’t be able to stop so for now I‘ll stick to Pinterest.  

Which is your favourite piece and why? Where is it from? 

Probably the heart print which my mother-in-law gave us for an engagement present. It’s by one of my favourite local Swedish artists, Pearl Wallin. 

What can you not work without? Candles? Tea? Or maybe even a piece of computer software? 

Natural light is an essential element. And another necessity has to be a large cup of tea with a chocolate hobnob…or two. 

I love that you have made your own artwork. Do you think it is important to have pieces you have created around you to encourage creativity?

A lot of the artwork I made when I was pregnant with each of my little girls because I was too big to move! I love doing something creative in my spare time I find it very therapeutic, although it’s hard to always find the time.

What’s the creative process when you find new content for writing a new blog feature? 

Sometimes I take pictures of my own or a friends home. I also get a lot of content from Pinterest, a brilliant source of creative inspiration. Swedish / Danish / Norwegian estate agency websites are also really helpful as are other interior design blogs. Where possible I seek permission from the photographer before publishing, this started out as a formality but has become one of my favourite parts of blogging as they are always helpful, quick to reply and can provide an interesting angle to the piece.

What camera do you use and why?

I use a Canon EOS600D. It’s one of my favourite posessions even though I am very much an amateur! 

So, back to basics, how important is it to you to have a proper desk space to work at rather than (for example) using your laptop on your bed? Or can you work when and where you feel inspired? 

I do love to sit at my desk when I’m blogging. I also need to get out regularly. I feel really energized by the outdoors and try to get out to the Swedish countryside as often as possible. This weekend my family and I went ice-skating on a nearby lake and had a barbecue in the snow, we had such a lovely time. In the summer I sometimes sit in the garden with my laptop (although it can be a bit tricky to see the screen!).  

What’s your dream workspace and why? Do you have a picture of it to hand? 

My dream workspace would be in a cottage at the end of my (imaginary) garden, with views out to sea. It would have white wood paneled walls, be crammed with beautiful big interior books and paintings and a wood burning stove. 

How important is it to you to have an inspiring space to work in? Is it a complete necessity? 

I feel happiest and the most inspired when I’m surrounded by the things that I love. I can of course work anywhere if needed though. Right now I’m surrounded by thousands of pieces of lego and a sofa which has been turned into a den…apparently.